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Lighting Array Patented by Nelson IP 
(US Patent No. 9,228,706)


Nelson IP is a no-frills intellectual property law firm specializing in patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  More specifically, we are registered patent attorneys with over 20 years of experience handling intellectual property matters.  Our primary focus is preparing and prosecuting patent applications, performing patent portfolio analysis and management, preparing non-infringement and invalidity opinions, providing intellectual property strategic planning and counseling, preparing and prosecuting trademark and copyright applications, and providing intellectual property litigation support. We have vast experience in a wide variety of technological fields, including computer hardware, software, communications systems, semiconductors, database technology, optical systems, down-hole drilling, networking, electrical circuits, ceramics, batteries and battery chemistry, business methods, medical devices, mechanical devices, and the like.  Nelson IP currently provides intellectual property services to a significant number of local, regional, national, and international clients, including various fortune 500 companies.       


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Let's face it - the practice of law typically does not require high overhead or significant capital investment, other than that needed to obtain a law degree and the requisite amount of expertise and experience.  Most legal work can be produced by an attorney with a computer, an Internet connection, and the requisite know-how.  Thus, if your legal counsel is working from a fancy office in an expensive part of town, you are most likely paying for it in the form of higher legal fees or a lower quality work product.  At Nelson IP, we avoid the frills and strive to provide competent, consistent, and cost-effective intellectual property services.  It has been and continues to be our recipe for success.     


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